Magen Steiger-Sarivi


I call Whitecourt my hometown, was born here but spent my younger years in new Waterford – Cape Breton and Ontario. I am proud to say I have lived in Whitecourt for 20 years with a few temporary moves to Mornville, Onoway and Edmonton.
What do you like best about your job?
I am a very sociable person and love the fact that I get to spend my day socializing with the community and businesses in hopes that I can help their business and events thrive. Every person and business is different and I enjoy the challenge of getting to know more about them.
Favorite Bands?
This is a tough one… I like all genres of music.
Rock – Aerosmith & CCR
R & B – Usher
Pop – Michael Jackson
Favorite Movies?
Another tough one. Definitely is a comedy – I love a good laugh but not to a ridiculous stupid movie. 
I have to say the Rush Hour flicks, The Heat and Despicable Me flicks
Favorite Food?
Burgers and Fries! Boo Yah!
Describe the perfect day.
20 degrees, sun shining, no breeze, no clouds. Either in the backyard BBQing and playing with my 3 beautiful kids, fur baby and hubby OR on a beautiful lake lot, camping with the family.
Pet Peeves?

I have so many but I blame that on my OCD.
Biggest pet peeve – starting every sentence in a conversation with the work “like” – drives me nuts! 
2nd and just as important as the 1st, people who use their cell phones while driving! Nothing against people who utilize Bluetooth, I am talking about the ones who are physically holding the phone to talk or text and are not paying attention to what the hell they are doing – do you not realize everyone around you can see you and it is completely obvious when you run that red light, or take an extra wide turn – PUT THE PHONE DOWN!
Just be you! Don’t let your difference or past define who you are or what you can do. Always push forward and don’t be afraid to make a mistake.

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